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Maestro Circle

Invest in Music, Invest in Our Community

How You Can Help

Donation Levels

amethyst (1)


$ 100 to $499 Donation
  • Full Season Subscription
  • Get 1 free ticket
  • Your name will appear on our list of supporters in all programmes
sapphire (1)


$ 500 to $999 Donation
  • Full Season Subscription
  • Get 2 free tickets
  • Program Listing
  • Pre/Post Concert Receptions


$ 1,000 to $4,999 Donation
  • Full Season Subscription
  • Get 4 free tickets
  • Program Listing
  • Pre/Post Concert Receptions
emerald (1)


$ 5,000 to $14,999 Donation
  • 2 Full Season Subscriptions
  • Title Sponsorship option
  • Pre/Post Concert Receptions
  • Free admission to ticketed ISObar Event

Donate by Cheque United States

International Symphony Orchestra
P.O. Box 61024 Port Huron, MI 48061-0242

Donate by Phone

Canada 519-337-7775
United States 810-984-8857


$ 15,000 or over donation
  • 4 Full Season Subscription
  • Donor Wall Placement
  • Title Sponsor option
  • Complimentary ISObar event rental for corporate Diamond Sponsors
  • Pre/Post Concert Receptions
  • Corporate Branding on all media and ISObar display

Donate by Cheque Canada

International Symphony Orchestra
170 Christina Street North, Sarnia, ON N7T 5T9

Donate with PayPal

Give Me One Good Reason Why I Should Be An ISO Donor

Okay. Here are 6:

What's good for Sarnia-Port Huron is good for business

Take a closer look into every first-class community and you will find a strong cultural scene. The renewed growth of the Valley and small businesses is reflected in our strong symphony and regional theatre.

We attract both talent and clientele

Studies demonstrate that a city's cultural atmosphere is a deciding factor when would-be Bluewater residents consider relocation.

You are supporting the best on both sides of the border

Musically speaking, the ISO is now the strongest regional orchestra between London and Detroit. This drive forward, along with our willingness to program diverse music, has attracted the strongest musicians from our bridged communities and beyond. Your contribution supports our continuing modernization.

We deserve more than we earn

Ticketing revenue accounts for less and a third of costs to stage a single concert series. The rest must come from private donations and grant support, and since our goals include a more professional orchestra and lower ticket prices for a more inclusive community experience, we can't operate without donors.

We bring both music and musical instruction to the next generation

Over 5,000 young people in Canada & Michigan saw the ISO perform this season. Bluewater area students makeup a segment of our volunteer base to assist ISO operations. And in 2022 we launched El Sistema, a free violin program centered in our First Nation communities.


No one will ever tax your generosity! ISO support from both corporate and private donors has ranged from $5 to $75,000, and the benefits are endless & rewarding.