The International Symphony Singers


with Musical Director Dr. David Troiano

The International Symphony Singers were formed in 1984 to facilitate the inclusion of oratorio, opera, Broadway and musical theatre into the orchestra’s programming options. Since that time, the Symphony Singers have added a dynamic new texture to the organization, taking part in several concerts each season.  They are under the direction of Dr. David Troiano, who resides in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

The auditioned chorus has ranged in size from 75 voices, to the approximately 40 member ensemble performing this current season.  This reduction was a planned process to produce a smaller chamber vocal group, comprised of vocalists who read music and can prepare difficult works in the scheduled number of rehearsals. The group meets between nine or ten times prior  to performances in order to prepare a polished presentation.

Rehearsals are held on both sides of the border: St. Andrew’s Church in Sarnia, and St. Clair County Community College, in Port Huron. Auditions take place in September and January. The ensemble welcomes new voices, so if you love to sing, please contact the ISO Office to arrange an audition time.

Call: (519) 337- 7775 or (810) 984- 8857

Choir Coordinators:
Janice Maxfield and Patti Owens

Marie Broyles
Heather Denbak
Ann Kurtz-Alton
Lucy Marier
Joan Naug
Patti Owens
Lainey Rozema
Sharon Terpstra
Suzanne Toutant

Karen Corbett
Nancy Corbett
Sue Delsnyder
Janet Hayden
Sarah Huang
Lois Lafond
Nancy Lever
Sally LePla
Janice Maxfield
Margaret Miller
Andrea Mills
Mary Helen Morreale
Barbara Rigg-Garbaty
Donna West
Sieglinde Wildie

Andrea Wist

Richard Cannon
Glynn Cole
Sydney King
Fred Moss
Tom Norager
Daniel Perry
Matt Wallace

George Bracewell
Tony Gartshore
Lee Golderg
John Keyser
Nigel Ribeiro
John Worthington