Music Makes Sound Sense

The International Symphony Orchestra is pleased to provide this ongoing youth education initiative. Made possible by assistance from Freedom 55 Financial, our “Music Makes Sound Sense” programme has been built on a strong, successful base, established during the initial three-year pilot period. Evaluation has resulted in improvements and modifications as required.

Ensembles comprised of professional musicians from the International Symphony Orchestra presented an educational and entertaining programme to approximately 60 classrooms throughout the county. In total, approx. 2,800 children were introduced to orchestral instruments; many for the very first time. The response was dynamic! We continue to receive excellent reports from the principals, music teachers and classroom instructors – all wishing to take part again.

The International Symphony Orchestra is proud to have expanded our youth education offerings to include “Music Makes Sound Sense”. Exposing children to the arts provides one more solid step in the development of our future creative thinkers, academic achievers, and leaders.

We have continued to see an increase in family attendance at International Symphony Orchestra presentations throughout the past several years, and feel strongly that the “Music Makes Sound Sense” Initiative has contributed to this heightened participation in performing arts activities.

If your school would like to take part in the “Music Makes Sound Sense” programme, please contact the ISO Office at

Click here for: Music Makes Sound Sense Flyer 2018