More Fiddles & Kilts

Douglas Bianchi, conductor
The Steel City Rovers

New this year, our popular Celtic Extravaganza welcomes The Steel City Rovers. Bringing you Celtibilly…a cross of Celtic and North American traditions. Enjoy sophisticated, hypnotizing musical arrangements and expressive, clever lyrical compositions. Dynamic and commanding, the Rovers are a seasoned group of talented musicians who perform nationally and internationally. Plus, a cameo appearance by our traditional Pipers & Drummers!

In the Highlands – GADE
Banks of the Green Willow – BUTTERWORTH
Auld Lang Syne – arr. STEPHENS……and way more fun!

January 18th, 7:30 p.m., Imperial Theatre, Sarnia
January 19th, 7:30 p.m., McMorran Theatre, Port Huron

Note: artists, repertoire and venues are all subject to change prior to the final brochure publication