David Troiano

Choral Director

The International Symphony Orchestra’s 2016-2017 Season has been purposely programmed to take you “Out of this World”…. transporting you to a magical, musical dimension which will lift your spirits and nurture your soul! Assisting you through this musical journey will be our International Symphony Singers, who in December, will be presenting beloved excerpts from Handel’s The Messiah, coupled with Fantasia, a new work based on French Carols, by Canadian composer, Ronald Royer.

Our Spring Concert will afford you the opportunity to experience a rarely-heard Schubert masterpiece, Miriam’s Song of Triumph. The text is based on Exodus 15, a passage which celebrates the Israelites’ astonishing crossing of the Red Sea to escape the pursuing Egyptians. It is at this point that the prophetess Miriam urges the other women to sing, dance, and praise the Lord for the miracle that they had just experienced. Schubert brilliantly captures and expresses this drama throughout this powerful work.

Exciting new sounds and new worlds await you this season. I look forward to meeting you at the performances!

Dr. David Troiano, tenor, organist, and choral director, holds a Master of Music Degree in Vocal Performance from Wayne State University, a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from S.S. Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Orchard Lake, MI, and a Doctoral in Church and Organ Studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. As a Choral Conductor, Troiano provided Musical Direction at the Bonstelle Theater (WSU) for several years.

He has also served as Musical Director for several Community and semi-professional Theater groups. Since 1997, Dr. Troiano has been the Choral Director of the International Symphony Singers, whose repertoire is primarily taken from the Oratorio Literature. Since 2010, Troiano, who continues to perform regularly with the Comic Opera Guild of Ann Arbor, MI, has been seen conducting rarely – heard operettas for the Guild, which have also been recorded.

For over forty years he has served many church communities as music director and organist, conducting various choral and instrumental ensembles for worship services. He is currently a voice instructor at Wayne State University.